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Sound Masking

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A sound masking system helps to address speech privacy and noise control issues by distributing a comfortable, engineered background sound throughout your workplace.


The LogiSon Sound Masking System is easily installed in new or occupied facilities of any size. Your LogiSon Representative selects the components and designs the layout. Installation can be handled by the representative’s in-house technicians, a third-party installation company, or your own contractor.

All system components have been tested according to UL, FCC and CE standards and received the required certifications.

Network Control Panel

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The compact Network Control Panel can be mounted on a wall or in an equipment closet. Users can manage the system’s settings and zones from this central location. Users can manage the settings and zoning for a loudspeaker, a group of loudspeakers, or an entire campus from this central location or a PC equipped with Acoustic Network Manager Software. Changes can be made in minutes following renovations, moving furniture or personnel.

If paging or background music are needed, simply add an Audio Input Module to the panel and connect a source, such as a telephone system.


The LogiSon Sound Masking System also offers software-based control. Acoustic Network Manager Software provides multi-floor or whole-building control from one PC location. Page Director Software lets users create custom paging zones as required. Acoustic Network Supervisor Software monitors the system and sends an email to specified recipients if an issue occurs.

Programmable Keypad + Remote

The Programmable Keypad and accompanying Remote Control provide occupants with on-demand adjustment of masking and paging settings, ideal for private offices and meeting rooms.


Primary Hubs are connected to the Network Control Panel in series. This component lets users program the zoning and output for individual loudspeakers. It also offers multiplexed audio without the need for additional generators, amplifiers or equalizers.

If desired, up to two Secondary Hubs can be connected to each Primary Hub and replicate its settings, increasing zone size from one loudspeaker to a maximum of three (225 to 675 ft2).


A loudspeaker is suspended from each hub.

Though these components are typically installed above a suspended ceiling, a range of loudspeaker models is available to accommodate different needs, including open or hard ceilings. Chicago, underfloor and wall mount options are also available. Regardless of which one is selected, the system’s backbone is always the same high-performance LogiSon technology.

Though sound masking loudspeakers can also be installed in a downward-facing fashion (sometimes referred to as ‘direct field’), we recommend this only in very limited circumstances.

Downward-facing loudspeakers are prone to significant volume variations due to a ‘spotlight’ effect. Volume variations between loudspeakers can call occupants’ attention to the masking sound and also reveal its source, which is contrary to the user’s goals. Furthermore, if the downward-facing loudspeakers are installed in an area with a suspended ceiling, multiple cut-throughs are required. In-plenum loudspeakers are installed invisibly above the ceiling tiles and will not damage them, and the indirect transmission of the masking sound results in broad, uniform coverage.


Wiring consists of a single line of low-voltage cable, ensuring efficient installation and a clean appearance in visible applications.

The LogiSon Sound Masking System is installed without hard-wiring timer, keypad, paging and music zones, because all zones are software-generated.