Minimal audio requirements

With the LogiSon Acoustic Network there’s no need to add sound generators, amplifiers or equalizers to get paging and music, because this technology is already integrated into each Primary Hub.

This high-level component integration reduces costs, energy usage and space requirements compared to typical music and paging equipment.

Advanced zoning capabilities

Paging and music are heard over the same loudspeakers already installed for sound masking. However, zoning and settings are independent, so you never have to compromise when you use music, paging and sound masking on the same network. Area by area, you can choose sound masking only, paging only, or a combination of both—all from a single system.

And where most competing systems limit paging to a small number of predefined zones, the LogiSon Acoustic Network’s zoning is digital, not hardwired. That means you can create, alter or delete an unlimited number of music or page zones—whenever you want—using Page Director software.

Priority paging

The LogiSon Acoustic Network also features a Priority Page Override, which can be used to turn off sound masking and give paging full priority in emergency situations.


More information

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