Case Studies

Read how LogiSon sound masking provided the right solution to a wide variety of clients.

Hospitals & Healthcare Case Study

Memorial Medical Center
Modesto, California, USA

Memorial Medical Center was experiencing noise issues and decided to conduct a trial of the LogiSon® Acoustic Network in semi-private and private patient rooms and in their Cancer Center.

Measured and subjective findings showed that the LogiSon® Acoustic Network reduced speech intelligibility and the amount of disruption caused by conversation. Noise from other sources was also far less noticeable. Overall, the difference between the masked and unmasked floors was dramatic—which is why the installation now covers four floors of patient rooms and corridors.

Call Centers Case Study

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
San Bernadino, California

Wells Fargo is a diversified financial services company providing banking, insurance, investments, mortgage and consumer finance.

The San Bernardino location is the customer service call center for Wells Fargo’s Home Mortgage division. The facility is 130,000 ft2 and houses approximately 600 employees who field calls from Wells Fargo customers 14 hours per day.

To decrease voice transmission and improve employee productivity, the LogiSon® Acoustic Network was installed throughout open areas.

Speech privacy has increased for all call center employees and—just as importantly—they’re no longer disturbed by surrounding conversations.

Law Firms Case Study

Orrick Herington & Sutcliffe, LLP
San Francisco, California

Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, one of the oldest and most well-respected law firms in the world, has more than 170 lawyers in its San Francisco office

The requirements for many legal spaces—including attorneys’ offices, conference and deposition rooms, boardrooms and other special spaces—dictate that walls, floors and ceilings must meet a high degree of airtightness, sound absorption and constructability. Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe’s office was no different.

The project integrated requirements for speech privacy and control of unwanted noise and vibration from the HVAC systems with a high-design aesthetic and sustainability concepts envisioned by the architectural team.

The LogiSon® Acoustic Network was installed throughout selected open-plan, closed-office and support spaces—a choice that was made because each speaker’s sound level and frequency balance could be controlled from a laptop computer.

Hotels Case Study

Springhill Suites by Marriott
Roseville, California

Marriott International has more than 4,000 properties in over 80 countries around the world. At one particular property near Sacramento, however, management was concerned about freeway noise.

A trial of the LogiSon® Acoustic Network saw a single loudspeaker installed in 15 rooms across one wing. In-room volume control allowed guests to set the sound masking level to their liking.

Guest feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Even better, the addition of sound masking helped the hotel secure a contract with an airline client, because they were able to promise that pilots would get a good night’s sleep.

Military Facilities Case Study

United States Army Medical Information Technology Center
San Antonio, Texas

The U.S. Army Medical Information Technology Center (USAMITC) is the information technology execution arm of the Army Medical Department (AMEDD), providing complete lifecycle management support for AMEDD, the Military Health System and other government clients. The work USAMITC does enables the U.S. Army Medical Command (MEDCOM) to provide the best healthcare possible for U.S. soldiers.

In 2003, the USAMITC facility was remodeled—with several different divisions located within close proximity on the two main floors of the building. Privacy became an issue.

The LogiSon Acoustic Network was installed on all three floors of the facility, aiding in achieving the privacy required between divisions. Because it also functions as a paging system, the LogiSon® Network provided USAMITC with immediate priority page notification capabilities in all areas of the building.

Libraries Case Study

National Institutes of Health Library
Bethesda, Maryland

Founded in 1887, the National Institutes of Health Library (NIH) is the federal focal point for medical research in the United States—and one of the world’s foremost medical research centers.

A frequently used Training Room is located immediately adjacent to study tables, reference areas and carrels—which meant that whenever a conference or training session was in progress, the noise coming from the room disturbed patrons. Because ambient sound levels in the area were low (36 to 38 dBA), conversations could also be overheard, causing additional distractions—even when the Training Room door was closed.

The LogiSon® Acoustic Network was installed throughout the reference/study area. This raised the ambient sound levels to approximately 46 dBA. Now noises and conversations originating within the Training Room are less obtrusive to visitors.

Dealerships Case Study

Renault Central Showroom
Brussels, Belgium

The Renault Central Showroom serves Belgium and Luxembourg. It features a 750 m2 (8073 ft2) showroom and 150 m2 (1615 ft2) mezzanine restaurant. Though the restaurant is frequently used for meetings and as a workspace, there are no partitions or windows separating it from the showroom.

To provide speech privacy, these areas—as well as 4,000 m2 (43,055 ft2) of offices open to the showroom—were treated with sound masking. The system also provides paging and music distribution.

Visitors now can’t understand conversations taking place as little as 4 m (13 ft.) away, meaning that sales pros can discuss discounts on car models with full privacy, even when other visitors are present.

Worship Facilities Case Study

Bayside Church of Granite Bay
Granite Bay, California

Bayside Church had been offering counseling in an office complex with a major problem: noise transmission. Because the facility’s counseling offices are located between two other busy office areas, speech privacy was of utmost concern.

After realizing voices could be heard from adjoining offices, Bayside tried several methods to minimize the problem, including adding wall and ceiling insulation, caulking cracks, and installing carpet sweeps underneath doors.

Initial skepticism over sound masking, however, melted away after installing the LogiSon® Acoustic Network.

Now counseling conversations are truly confidential.