Leased Spaces

Anticipating and meeting your tenants’ needs in leased office space is critical to success in today’s commercial real estate market. 

Price and location are no longer always at the top of the “must-have” list. Tenants look just as often at the quality of the environment; some will go so far as to comparison-shop for variables known to impact productivity and morale, such as temperature, lighting and air quality… 

And acoustics. One recent study saw 99% of respondents ranking “acoustics/noise control” among their top six desired features.

That’s why sound masking can help attract and retain tenants—even boost a property’s value.



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To learn more, download our two-page introduction to “Sound Masking for Leased Spaces.”

Partial client list

  • Brookfield LePage Johnson Controls (BLJC)
  • Jones Lang LaSalle
  • Duke Realty
  • Lang Nelson Properties

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