Investigated by CSI


investigated_by_CSIAs I've mentioned in two previous posts (Franken Spec and Zoning in on Performance), writing a solid sound masking specification can be quite challenging.

You don't want to leave the door wide open by writing “include sound masking system” (believe it or not, this still happens).

After all, you aren't purchasing this technology for the sheer pleasure of owning the equipment. You’re expecting it to improve speech privacy and control noise.

You need a specification that sets appropriate design requirements as well as performance and testing standards, but it’s really easy to get bogged down by the significant technical differences between sound masking products. You also want to ensure that your document is clearly and correctly written.

And, of course, all of this takes time.

That’s why I'm excited to announce that we've been investigated by CSI...

No, not that one... but rather the Construction Specifications Institute, an organization whose standards and formats have brought order to specifying for more than 60 years.

First, we made sure that our sound masking specs included all of the requirements that our over thirty-five years of experience tells us are needed to consistently deliver effective performance. Then, we turned our documents over to a third-party CSI-certified professional specifications practitioner as part of the CSI’s Compliant Document Review (CDR) program to ensure that they also adhere to CSI’s best practices and guidelines.

And now, I’m proud to announce that our sound masking specifications bear the CSI’s stamp of approval: the Compliant Document Review logo.

We offer two versions:

  1. To sole source our industry-leading technology, download the LogiSon Sound Masking 3-Part Specification from the Resources section of
  2. If you want (or have) to entertain multiple bids, but don’t want to risk the performance of the sound masking system intended for your space, use the Generic Performance-Based Sound Masking Specification available at The criteria outlined are set to the highest commonly achievable level. It’ll close the door to ‘low ball’ designs that line pockets but do little for acoustics. You won’t get all of the benefits of the LogiSon technology, but this generic spec will at least level the field in key performance areas.

You’re busy. These specifications will save you time as you integrate them into your project documents. You can do so with absolute confidence that they’re authored correctly. And, of course, we’re more than happy to support the technical requirements and answer any questions.



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