Bringing Peace to Workstations


Bringing Peace To WorkstationsLast week, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Meredith Macleod, a business reporter/editor at The Hamilton Spectator, which is a major newspaper in our region. This week, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the resulting article made the front page!

This was a fantastic opportunity to introduce our sound masking technology to the public. Despite the fact that we’re currently celebrating our 35th anniversary in business, sound masking isn’t well known outside of the architectural, design and engineering communities. I’m sure many readers were glad to hear there’s a retrofit solution available for one of their primary ‘workstation woes.’

Meredith is technically savvy and expressed interested in many aspects of our business. We reviewed how sound masking works, its key benefits, traditional and new applications, as well as interior acoustics in general.

She also spoke with one of our clients, Wynn Macdonald, about his experience with our products. Wynn is Vice President of Ira Macdonald, a construction firm that just happens to be located across from the paper's office.

You can read the article “With LogiSon, all is quieter on the office front: Burlington firm’s sound technology brings peace to the workstation” here.

Many thanks to Meredith for this opportunity, to Wynn for taking the time to participate in the article, and to everyone who’s been in touch since reading it!



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