Celebrating 45 Years of Sound. That Works.

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Since 1978, our main focus has been the design and manufacture of sound masking systems (including the SCAMP®, AccuMask®, LogiSon®, and MODIO® brands), protecting people from the distractions of speech and noise – whether they’re an office worker trying to focus, a banking client requiring confidentiality, or a hotel guest wanting a good night’s sleep.

In 2003, we revolutionized the industry with the launch of the LogiSon Acoustic Network, the world’s first networked sound masking system. In our IoT-driven era, that might just seem like common sense, but at that time, it was a bold move: a from-the-ground-up re-envisioning of masking technology that opened up new possibilities for our clients and set the tone for future developments in our field.

Despite increasing recognition of the key role acoustics play in employee productivity, satisfaction and wellbeing, it remains a challenging subject for many organizations: What treatments are effective? How to support both focus and collaboration? What to do with an existing space? These questions have taken on added significance as companies strive to draw employees back into the office following their work-from-home experience.

Throughout our 45-year history, we’ve helped clients answer these questions and furthered understanding of the need for controlling background sound within the built environment. To that end, we’ve authored hundreds of articles, produced numerous continuing education programs, actively participated in standards development, and even introduced our own acoustical magazine: SONÄ€RE.

And, of course, we remain deeply committed to offering only the very best in sound masking technology through a global network of select distributors whose core focus is also sound masking. They’re uniquely positioned to provide an exceptional level of customer service from start to finish, as well as ongoing technical support.

Harness your facility’s full potential to help employees work, live and feel their best! Contact us today.

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