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Taking control of background sound is key to improving privacy and productivity.

The LogiSon Acoustic Network gives you power over this aspect of your environment by distributing an engineered background sound throughout your facility. The sound covers conversations and noise while remaining comfortable and unobtrusive.

You’ve used our ROI Calculator, so you know just how much this is worth.

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Number Of Employees:1
Overhead Multiplier:1
Cost Per Unit:1
Average Employee Salary:1
Productivity Increase:1
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Total Investment:10
Total Employee Cost:1
Annual Productivity Cost:1
Payback (Months):1
Payback (Years):1

Here’s what you’ll get back in one, three, five and ten years:


While others might claim to provide the same benefits, the LogiSon Acoustic Network is uniquely designed to maximize both masking effectiveness and occupant comfort – ensuring your employees get the most out of your investment in sound masking technology.

Each small zone of 1 to 3 loudspeakers offers volume control in fine 0.5 dB steps as well as third-octave frequency adjustment from 63Hz to 10kHz, providing exceptional control over the entire treated area. And then we precision-tune with our TARGET software, maximizing performance.

Focus on performance. Get sound masking that works.

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