Our control panel can be mounted on a wall or in an equipment closet, allowing you to manage your system’s settings and zones from a central location.

An Ethernet connection between the control panel and a PC lets you use Acoustic Network Manager software to make system changes.

The programmable keypad and accompanying remote let you easily adjust sound masking and paging settings in private offices, meeting rooms or any other on-demand situation.

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Network Control Panel, NCP-2

Network Control Panel, NCP-2

The Network Control Panel can be wall-mounted within a room or closet. It provides the functionality of numerous rack-mounted components, reducing the costs, energy and space needed for equipment.

The panel allows the administrator to establish timer, paging and keypad zones. Zones can be non-contiguous, with no restrictions on the size of each type of zone. The administrator can also set the volume and equalizer levels for masking and paging, program ramp-up and timer schedules, select paging channels, and create user limits for each Programmable Keypad. The panel uses non-volatile memory so that these settings are preserved in the event of a power failure.

Commands can be sent to one hub, a group of hubs, or all hubs on the system.

Panels can be networked together so that the administrator can manage several floors, an entire building or campus from one location. They can also be linked to third party control systems.

Changes can be made in minutes following renovations, moving furniture or personnel, keeping the the system performing at optimal levels throughout its lifecycle.

Paging and music

Paging and music are provided simply by adding one or more Audio Input Modules to the panel and connecting a source such as a telephone system or MP3 player. The panel also features a priority page input that allows temporary settings to be implemented in emergencies.


A calendar-based timer utility allows the administrator to schedule changes in the sound masking volume to match expected occupancy levels. Each panel offers nine timer zones. The administrator can establish a different schedule for each zone and each day of the week, with up to nine volume changes per day. These changes are made at a gradual, user-defined rate so as not to call occupants’ attention to them. The administrator can also program unique schedules for up to 30 individual dates, such as holidays, which might require different sound masking volumes. The panel adjusts for daylight saving time.


There is also an introductory ramp-up feature for retrofit installations, which progressively increases the sound masking volume over a period of up to 60 days, allowing occupants to acclimatize to their new acoustical conditions. The administrator can program the ramp-up period to begin on a defined date. A unique version can be established for each timer zone.


Product Sheet

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Control PerformanceNetwork initialization, masking, paging, timer, keypad settings, zoning, paging/music inputs, system monitoring and diagnostics
Masking Performance
Volume35 to 85 dBA @ 1 m in 0.5 dBA sets + mute
Equalization (w/ PC)1/3-octave, 23 bands, 63 to 10,000 Hz
Paging Performance
Audio Inputs3, any combination of Audio Input Modules
Zone ConfigurationZone 1, 2, 3 or none; unlimited zones with Page Director Software
Volume35 to 85 dBA @ 1m in 0.5 dBA steps + mute
Equalization (w/ PC)1/1-octave, 8 bands
Timer Performance
Zone NumberUp to 9
Zone SizeUnrestricted
SchedulingUnique schedule for each day of the week
Volume Changes per DayUp to 9
Zone SizeUnrestricted
SchedulingUnique schedule for each day of the week
Volume Changes per DayUp to 9
Volume Increments0.5 dBA steps
Rate of Change0 to 9 minutes per volume increment
Exception SchedulesUp to 30 dates, 3 user-defined schedules
Delayed Start FeatureYes
Ramp Up FeatureUp to 60 days, user-defined schedule in 0.5 to 1 dBA steps
Daylight Savings AdjustmentYes
Components per Panel
Max. Number of Components125 per panel
Max. Number of Loudspeakers375 per panel
Network Type
Upstream from PanelOpen; protected with 128-bit AES encryption
Downstream from PanelClosed; standard RS-485
Power Input3-pin, screw terminal
Network Output6-pin
Ethernet Connection10/100 Base-T RJ-45
Audio Inputs3-pin, screw terminal x 3
Priority Page3-pin, screw terminal
Input30 VDC
Output30 VDC
ConsumptionMaximum 12 W
GroundEarth ground
Relay Outputs2-pin, screw terminal x 2
Size½ AA
Voltage3.6 V
Life Expectancy10 years
Physical Specifications
Dimensions (W x H x D)28 x 23 x 7.6 cm; 11 x 9 x 3 inches
EnclosureSteel with powdercoat finish
ColorCharcoal grey
Weight2kg; 5lb
Display20-key membrane panel
Keypad4 x 20 backlit LCD
Mounting4 keyhole mounting positions
PhysicalKey-lock enclosure
ElectronicPassword required to access settings, 3 levels
Warranty5 years; see LogiSon® Product Warranty for details
CertificationsMeets UL, CE, ACMA (C-Tick) and FCC standards; RoHS compliant

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