Our control panel can be mounted on a wall or in an equipment closet, allowing you to manage your system’s settings and zones from a central location.

An Ethernet connection between the control panel and a PC lets you use Acoustic Network Manager software to make system changes.

The programmable keypad and accompanying remote let you easily adjust sound masking and paging settings in private offices, meeting rooms or any other on-demand situation.

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Room Manager, RM

Room Manager

Offer on-demand control of the sound masking and paging volume in individual rooms, from a PC. Prior to use, define the rooms, as well as the type and degree of control within each one. Give users control over their own room (e.g. private office) or multiple rooms (e.g. patient rooms from a nursing station). For details, see the help file or user guide.

Product Sheet 

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Operating Systems

Windows 11

Windows 10




Hardware Requirements

Computer with 1 GHz or faster processor with 1GB RAM or more

Graphics parts supporting WDDM drivers (Windows Display Driver Model) recommended

Minimum Disk Space (Microsot Components/Installation):

X86 - 4.5 GB

X64 - 4.5 GB

Disk space (LogiSon components): 6 MB


Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 or later (incl. with Windows 10 or later)

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