Safe and Secure

System performance is monitored 24/7. If an issue occurs, the LogiSon® Acoustic Network provides a warning signal—and can even send emails to designated recipients.

Physical and electronic security

Protecting your sound masking system from unauthorized access is critical. That’s why the LogiSon Acoustic Network is both physically and electronically secure.

Physical security

You sound masking control panel is small, which means it can easily be located within a physically secure space. All cabling connections are made inside the enclosure, and there are no physical controls on the hubs or loudspeakers. You’ll also need a key to open the door and access the keypad, as well as a password to change the settings.

Electronic security

The network upstream from the control panel is open, but 128-bit AES encryption ensures that commands are unreadable. That means that whether commands are transmitted by wired or wireless connection, you’re protected from unauthorized access.

Downstream, the network is TIA-485-A (also known as RS-485), the standard commonly used in building automation.

System monitoring

Your sound masking control panel also monitors system performance. If you’d like, you can receive email notifications from the Acoustic Network Supervisor software to quickly alert you to issues that need to be addressed.

Running as a Windows Service, Acoustic Network Supervisor monitors your LogiSon Acoustic Network 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Acoustic Network Supervisor can be configured to monitor just the control panel(s) or all of the system’s components. And because it’s an external component, a hardware failure will not impact its ability to send these alerts.

Finally, you can also install a Relay Output Module to connect to warning lights, sirens or a third-party security system in order to immediately alert you to problems.