The LogiSon® Acoustic Network offers the finest volume and equalization controls—in 0.5 dBAsteps and 1/3-octave bands—but then we take it one step further.

It’s time to TARGET poor sound masking performance

No sound masking system—regardless of its out-of-the-box settings—produces the right sound from the moment it’s powered on.

Why? Because system design alone can’t ensure success. The sound changes as it interacts with design elements in a workplace interior, such as the layout and furnishings, affecting sound masking performance.

If you want sound masking to actually meet your requirements, your system’s volume and frequency settings have to be adjusted. After all, you're not investing in a sound masking system for the pleasure of owning the equipment!

In other words, your system will need to be tuned for your environment.

How TARGET works

Our TARGET tuning process is both incredibly fast and remarkably accurate. TARGET automatically tunes each zone to the desired sound masking spectrum (also called a curve). And it does so faster and more precisely than was ever achievable before, even by expert technicians.

Typical tuning time is reduced by 90% or more, while the benefits of sound masking in your environment are maximized. (Don’t believe us? TARGET also generates a detailed report so you can verify performance for yourself.)

The result is a subtler, more comfortable, more effective sound—and one that is consistently experienced by every one of your occupants.

Put simply, better tuning means better masking.