About your trusted sound masking provider

For forty-five years, KRM has been exclusively dedicated to designing and manufacturing sound masking systems. Our products are available globally—providing better acoustics over hundreds of millions of square feet for Fortune 500 clients and small businesses alike. In 2003, we revolutionized the industry when we launched the world’s first networked sound masking, paging and music system: the LogiSon Acoustic Network.

But we haven’t rested on our laurels—a commitment to non-stop enhancement and continuous improvement has ensured that our product remains at the forefront of sound masking technology. It’s now a recognized leader that has earned more than 20 awards for innovation, performance and ease of use.

Elegantly engineered, the LogiSon Acoustic Network is suitable for installations of any size and complexity—small zones, precise controls, industry-leading functionality and a variety of loudspeaker designs allow it to be customized for any environment. And networked setting and zone control means you can make adjustments in minutes following any organizational or structural changes.

KRM is headquartered in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

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