A loudspeaker is suspended from each hub. Though LogiSon® loudspeakers are usually located above a suspended ceiling, we offer a range of models to accommodate your needs.

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Ceiling Mount Adapter CMA-1

Ceiling Mount Adapter CMA-1

The Ceiling Mount Adapter is used when the LA-1 loudspeaker must be installed in gypsum or another hard ceiling material.

About downward-facing installation

A downward-facing loudspeaker (sometimes called ‘direct field’) is only used when installation conditions demand because the masking sound’s dispersion and uniformity will be reduced compared to an upward-facing loudspeaker.

If you prefer to avoid having the loudspeaker visible in the ceiling, in many cases the LogiSon hub can be connected to a transducer rather than to a loudspeaker. The transducer transfers the masking sound to the ceiling. Ask your LogiSon Representative for details.


Product Sheet 

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Physical Specifications
Faceplate Diameter22 cm; 8.7 inches
Depth2.8 cm; 1.1 inches
Weight0.1 kg; 0.2 lb
Attachment to LoudspeakerLay-in (with option for screw attachment)
Cut-Through Diameter17.2 cm; 6.8 inches
Suspension to Ceiling3-point suspension
Bolt Size for Suspension8-32 x 2.5 inches
Backup SuspensionAdditional suspension option from d-ring on hub
Warranty5 years; see LogiSon® Product Warranty for details

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