A loudspeaker is suspended from each hub. Though LogiSon® loudspeakers are usually located above a suspended ceiling, we offer a range of models to accommodate your needs.

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Chicago Loudspeaker LA-1CH

Chicago Loudspeaker LA-1CH

The LA-1CH model—designed to meet the city of Chicago’s stringent requirements and dubbed the ‘Chicago’ loudspeaker—is installed in regions where building code requires conduit to be used despite the fact that the LA-1 model already meets UL 2043 Fire Test for Heat and Visible Smoke Release for Discrete Products and Their Accessories Installed in Air-Handling Spaces.

Both the LA-1CH loudspeaker and the junction box used to house the hub meet Chicago requirements.

The enclosure and junction box are made of steel. The cabling is contained within flexible metal tubing (FMT), listed for use in plenums and other air handling spaces.

Where it enters the enclosure, this specialized conduit terminates in a one-piece zinc connector fitted with a rubberized polymer gasket, forming a smoke-tight seal as required by the NEC. The junction box is also sealed.

A flame retardant fabric located below the speaker grille prevents the accumulation of dust.


Product Sheet 

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Audio Performance


Masking Output

87 dBA maximum

Paging Output

87 dBA maximum

Driver Specifications

Frequency Range

90 to 10,500 Hz


10.1 cm; 4 inches

Power Handling

25 W (RMS)


88.6 dBA @ 1W / 1m

Magnet Structure

510 g; 18 oz


16 Ohms


Loudspeaker Input




Loudspeaker to Hub

Integrated cable assembly in FMT

Physical Specifications

Dimensions (W x H)

15.2 x 15.8 cm; 6 x 6.2 inches


Electroplated steel housing, 26 gauge


1.52 kg; 3.36 lbs including FMT and chain




Suspend from hub

Chain Length

45.7 cm; 18 inches

Loudspeaker Orientation

Upwards facing

Junction Box for Hub


Dimensions (W x H)

20.3 x 6.6 cm; 8 x 2.6 inches


Electroplated steel housing, 26 gauge


Neoprene / EPDM / SBR


5 knockouts;

0.086 inches for ¾-inch conduit;

1.125 inches for 1-inch conduit


756 g; 1.6 lb, not including Hub


5 years; see LogiSon® Product Warranty for details


Meets UL, CE and FCC standards and is approved for use in air-handling plenums; RoHS compliant

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