A loudspeaker is suspended from each hub. Though LogiSon® loudspeakers are usually located above a suspended ceiling, we offer a range of models to accommodate your needs.

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Low Profile Loudspeaker, LA-1LP

Low Profile Loudspeaker, LA-1LP

The LA-1LP loudspeaker is designed for use in low-profile plenum installations. It can also be used under raised flooring.

Four 3-inch, full-range drivers (100 to 8,000 Hz ±6 dB) are mounted at 90 degree angles for uniform 360° masking dispersion. Drivers are directed 53 degrees from vertical in order to avoid the creation of standing waves and maintain more localized sound distribution compared to horizontally-directed drivers.

The speaker is housed in a durable, sealed steel enclosure and may be bolted directly to the ceiling or floor deck.

In underfloor applications, the loudspeaker may be secured to the raised floor support. Four rubber feet prevent vibration from transmitting to the floor deck.

About under-floor installation

The LA-1LP can be installed in a grid-like pattern beneath a raised floor. However, because installing in this location compromises a sound masking system’s performance—and rules out using the system for paging/music distribution—it should only be considered if you absolutely cannot install your system in the ceiling space. If no other option is available, only the LogiSon® Acoustic Network will provide the tuning flexibility and ease of future reconfiguration these installation conditions demand.


Product Sheet 

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Audio Performance

Masking Output

87 dBA maximum

Paging Output

87 dBA maximum

Driver Specifications

Frequency Range

100 to 8,000 Hz ±6 dB


7.62 cm; 3 inches

Power Handling

10 W (RMS)


84.2 dBA @ 1W / 1m

Magnet Structure

58 g; 2.05 oz


16 Ohms


Loudspeaker Input



Loudspeaker to Hub

Integrated cable assembly

Physical Specifications

Dimensions (W x H)  

21.6 x 8.1 cm; 8.5 x 3.2 inches






1.72 kg; 3.81 lbs


Bolted directly to the ceiling or floor deck


5 years; see LogiSon® Product Warranty for details


Meets UL, CE and FCC standards and is approved for use in air-handling plenums; RoHS compliant

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