Paging and Music

A simple-to-use audio input module is all that’s needed to add music or paging to your sound masking system.

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Page Director, PD

Page Director Software

Page Director allows users to create, alter or delete an unlimited number of page zones on demand. When connected to multiple Network Control Panels, Page Director offers virtually unlimited control over any number of floors or buildings.

Paging is possible at a single loudspeaker location or over any given range of loudspeakers. It is also easy to create an ‘All Call’ zone for a facility, floor or department.

How it works

The user selects the desired loudspeakers, names the zone and enters a description for future reference (e.g. Meeting Room, Floor 1). They can sort paging zones into user-defined categories and subcategories for easy accessibility.

The interface also provides a means to quickly search for a predefined zone.

When a page needs to be sent, the user can select one of three Audio Input Modules. If only one device, such as a microphone, is available, the software selects it by default. The user can manually end the page or set it to finish automatically, after which the system returns to its default settings.

Page Director offers backup and restore functions for zones and settings.


Product Sheet 

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Supported Operating SystemsWindows 10
 Windows 8/8.1 Pro
 Windows 7 SP1 or larer 
 Windows Vista SP2 or later
Supported ArchitecturesX86
Hardware RequirementsComputer with 1 GHz or faster processor with 1 GB RAM or more
 Graphics parts supporting WDDM drivers (Windows Display Driver Model) recommended

Minimum disk space (Microsoft components/Installation):

X86 - 4.5 GB; X64 - 4.5 GB

 Disk space (LogiSon® components): 5 MB
PrerequisitesMicrosoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 or later (included with Windows 10 or later)

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