The LogiSon® Acoustic Network consumes very little energy: typically less than a light bulb for a sound masking area of 13,500 ft2.

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Fail-Safe Power Solutions, FPS 120, FPS 250, FPS 500

Fail-safe power supplies are also available. LogiSon Fail-Safe Power Solutions feature:

  • Power redundancy. If one power supply fails, the redundant power supply provides enough power to continue running a full load, ensuring uninterrupted operation of the LogiSon Acoustic Network.
  • Power load sharing. Each power supply shares the power load, increasing the life of each one.
  • Automatic fault detection. If an error occurs in one of the power supplies, relay outputs detect the condition and open/close a contact.
  • Overcurrent and overvoltage protection. In the event of a power overload, the power supply limits the output current.


FPS Specifications

Available from your LogiSon Representative.

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