Call Centers

Call centers are, increasingly, a company’s first and biggest customer touchpoint. Good (or bad) service from a call center can have a significant impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Every day, call center agents deal with distractions caused by other agents talking on the telephone or holding meetings by their workstations. To say nothing of the noise of people walking by, phones ringing, office equipment churning, and other noises.

Using sound masking to reduce these distractions can help employees concentrate better, which will pay off in terms of error reduction, employee retention and financial performance. Sound masking can also help agents provide better customer service and reduce employee stress.



Call Centres

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Call Centers Case Study

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
San Bernadino, California

Wells Fargo is a diversified financial services company providing banking, insurance, investments, mortgage and consumer finance.

The San Bernardino location is the customer service call center for Wells Fargo’s Home Mortgage division. The facility is 130,000 ft2 and houses approximately 600 employees who field calls from Wells Fargo customers 14 hours per day.

To decrease voice transmission and improve employee productivity, the LogiSon® Acoustic Network was installed throughout open areas.

Speech privacy has increased for all call center employees and—just as importantly—they’re no longer disturbed by surrounding conversations.

Partial client list

  • American Healthways
  • Capital City Savings
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Telus Communications Inc.
  • Verizon Information Systems