An open-plan sales floor makes it easy for customers to see showroom models and talk to sales professionals. However, the associated noise that comes with an open floor can make it hard for customers to hear—not to mention make them nervous about negotiating a sale.

Some dealerships try to use music to improve their acoustics, but music alone can’t mask conversations and other noise. And because music is a matter of personal taste, music in your dealership could be distracting your buyers… and hurting sales.

That’s where sound masking can help. By improving acoustical control and speech privacy, dealers don’t need to fear the open showroom. What’s more, the LogiSon Acoustic Network can also provide paging— and, yes, even music—providing a complete audio solution for even the busiest dealership.




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Dealerships Case study

Renault Central Showroom
Brussels, Belgium

The Renault Central Showroom serves Belgium and Luxembourg. It features a 750 m2 (8073 ft2) showroom and 150 m2 (1615 ft2) mezzanine restaurant. Though the restaurant is frequently used for meetings and as a workspace, there are no partitions or windows separating it from the showroom.

To provide speech privacy, these areas—as well as 4,000 m2 (43,055 ft2) of offices open to the showroom—were treated with sound masking. The system also provides paging and music distribution.

Visitors now can’t understand conversations taking place as little as 4 m (13 ft.) away, meaning that sales pros can discuss discounts on car models with full privacy, even when other visitors are present.

Partial client list

  • BMW Canada
  • DaimlerChrysler
  • Mercedes-Benz Canada
  • Toyota
  • Volvo of Oakville