Worship Facilities

In any facility where a worship service takes place, audible speech is a necessity so that members don’t miss a word of what is said. However, music often plays a role as well, which means the space also needs to be reverberant.

Understandably, then, most houses of worship focus on ensuring members can hear the service in a room that’s also good for music.

But this focus often comes at the expense of proper acoustics in other areas. These buildings also usually accommodate administrative and counseling offices—rooms where the conversations taking place are either business-critical or deeply personal.

Arguably, then, speech privacy is just as important—which makes sound masking a natural choice.



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Worship Facilities Case study

Bayside Church of Granite Bay
Granite Bay, California

Bayside Church had been offering counseling in an office complex with a major problem: noise transmission. Because the facility’s counseling offices are located between two other busy office areas, speech privacy was of utmost concern.

After realizing voices could be heard from adjoining offices, Bayside tried several methods to minimize the problem, including adding wall and ceiling insulation, caulking cracks, and installing carpet sweeps underneath doors.

Initial skepticism over sound masking, however, melted away after installing the LogiSon® Acoustic Network.

Now counseling conversations are truly confidential.

Partial client list

  • Bayside Church of Granite Bay
  • Living Word Community Church of York
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church of America
  • Forest Home – Church Retreat