LogiSon Acoustic Network is a Cornerstone member of the International WELL Building Institute™ (IWBI™), joining a network of global brands excited to support the WELL movement by sharing expertise and solutions that advance people’s health and well-being.

The LogiSon Acoustic Network has also earned the Works with WELL mark, indicating its alignment with WELL Sound concept, Feature S06.1 – Provide Minimum Background Sound, which is aimed at increasing acoustical privacy within and between occupied spaces.

Works with WELL

The International WELL Building Institute™ (IWBI™) granted our company the license to use the Works with WELL mark after we submitted an application to IWBI and underwent a third-party document review to confirm that the LogiSon Acoustic Network meets the requirements for the license.

As described in WELL Building Standard™ version 2 (WELL v2), the Sound concept “aims to bolster occupant health and well-being through the identification and mitigation of acoustical comfort parameters that shape occupant experiences in the built environment.” The LogiSon Acoustic Network was specifically evaluated in regard to Feature S06.1, which involves use of dedicated artificial sound to uniformly increase speech privacy between occupied spaces.

S06.1 includes the following requirements for office spaces:

  1. A sound masking system is installed in open areas and enclosed rooms designated as quiet zones, circulation zones and in areas where workstations are present.
  2. The sound masking system produces a 1/3 octave band adjustable output signal and minimum frequency spectrum of 100 Hz to 5 kHz.
  3. The sound masking system is commissioned such that the following sound pressure levels are not exceeded:
    1. Open areas designated as quiet zones, circulation zones and areas where workstations are present: 48 dBA.
    2. Enclosed rooms labeled as quiet zones: 42 dBA.
  4. The sound masking system is verified by a professional sound masking system installer in accordance with ASTM 1573-18 or equivalent standard.

Achieving the expected results

It’s important to note that not all sound masking systems can produce the required minimum frequency spectrum of 100 Hz to 5 kHz because their loudspeakers (or emitters) are simply too small to achieve the lower frequencies required for occupant comfort and to mask a wider range of noises.

Furthermore, in order verify a sound masking system’s output per ASTM 1573-18, Standard Test Method for Measurement and Reporting of Masking Sound Levels Using A-Weighted and One-Third-Octave-Band Sound Pressure Levels (or equivalent), the system’s control zones must – at minimum – align with the standard’s maximum test areas, which require the masking sound to be measured within each 1000 ft2 of open plan space and each closed room individually.

If your sound masking system’s design isn’t aligned with these criteria, it’s unlikely the sound it ultimately produces within your space will meet the specified tolerances within each test area – that is, if you’re also working with a strong sound masking specification, as ASTM 1573-18 only provides a procedure to quantify the uniformity of the sound, not the acceptable degree of uniformity.

Uniformity is key to a successful masking outcome because it impacts how well the sound improves occupants’ speech privacy and acoustical comfort throughout all treated areas; in other words, how well the sound masking system performs its intended role. That’s why a strong sound masking spec not only indicates the degree of variation permitted in overall volume and each third-octave band, but also demands tight tolerances. A poorly designed or improperly tuned sound masking system – or one based on loose specs – can allow as much as 4 to 6 dBA variation, meaning the system’s effectiveness would be halved in unpredictable areas within your facility.

With its small zones, full-range loudspeakers and unique TARGET-tuning feature, the LogiSon Acoustic Network is well-equipped to provide occupants with comfortable, consistent and effective masking sound. LogiSon Representatives also have the technical expertise and specialized equipment (i.e., ANSI Type 1 one-third octave analyzers and Class 1 calibrators) required for precise field tuning.

About the International WELL Building Institute

The International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) is the world’s leading organization focused on deploying people-first places to advance a global culture of health. IWBI mobilizes its community through the administration of the WELL Building Standard (WELL) and other WELL ratings, management of the WELL AP credential, the pursuit of applicable research, the development of educational resources, and advocacy for policies that promote health and well-being everywhere.


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WELL Building Standard (WELL) is the leading global framework for scaling health across buildings, organizations and communities. Developed over 10 years and backed by the latest scientific research, WELL outlines key building-level interventions and organizational strategies across 10 categories: Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Movement, Thermal Comfort, Sound, Materials, Mind and Community. A WELL program is the application of the WELL Standard and allows organizations to implement WELL in a flexible and customizable way to meet specific health and well-being goals and drive outcomes for their business. Driven by the global demand for healthier places and healthier organizations that support people to thrive, WELL adoption has grown exponentially since its launch in 2014.


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About Works with WELL

Launched in 2022, the Works with WELL trademark licensing program recognizes products and solutions that contribute to the achieving of specific features in the WELL Standard. The Works with WELL trademark indicates specific alignment between an eligible product and at least one WELL feature or threshold, thereby informing the market of solutions available to support organizations advancing people-first places. Eligibility to use this trademark does not suggest products with this distinction guarantee the achievement of WELL Certification, a WELL Rating or any standalone WELL feature. 

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