Expert Service

The LogiSon Acoustic Network is exclusively provided through a global network of select distributors whose core focus is sound masking.

Superior sound masking, top-shelf service

Success in sound masking depends on more than just the right technology. You also need professionals with expertise implementing sound masking systems—a team that can provide ongoing support as your needs change.

We are that team. Our representatives provide a complete range of Acoustic Comfort® consulting services, and highly responsive technical support.


We visit your facility to review your sound masking, paging, music and security requirements, offering whatever information you need to help you familiarize yourself with sound masking.


To properly design the LogiSon Acoustic Network, we request blueprints or CAD files of the reflected ceiling plan, the furniture layout and the partition plan. Once we have this information, we plan a custom sound masking installation. We consult contractors, designers and other trades as needed.


After designing your sound masking system, we provide a quotation.


Our technicians can install your system, or if you prefer you can use a third-party installation company or your own electrical contractor.


Hubs and loudspeakers are usually placed in a grid-like pattern above a suspended ceiling, but can also be installed in open or hard ceilings. Chicago, underfloor and wall mount options are also available. Wiring is simple, consisting of a single line of low-voltage cable. The compact control panel can be fitted to a wall or located in an equipment closet.

LogiSon components meet UL, CE, ACMA (C-Tick), KC, and FCC standards and are approved for use in air-handling plenums. They are also RoHS compliant.

Tuning and set-up

To ensure maximum performance, we use our TARGET tuning software to tune your LogiSon Acoustic Network. Learn more about TARGET tuning.

Set-up also includes establishing timer, keypad and paging settings;  scheduling ramp-up and timer functions; selecting paging channels; and establishing user parameters for programmable keypads.


After the installation, we follow up to ensure your satisfaction. We also encourage you to maintain contact with us so we can make sure your LogiSon Acoustic Network operates at peak effectiveness throughout its lifecycle.

A quick site visit can determine if structural or organizational changes call for adjustments.


If you move, we can even move your LogiSon Acoustic Network to your new premises.