Flexible Design

Smart engineering makes the LogiSon® Acoustic Network a flexible solution for any space.

Sound masking where—and how—you want it

No matter what your application, facility size, installation requirements or tuning conditions, our range of loudspeaker designs, industry-leading functions and precise control features will help you achieve your unique acoustic goals.

Hardware and software control

And when it comes to controlling your sound masking system, the LogiSon Acoustic Network offers both hardware- and software-based options. Manage the settings and zoning for a loudspeaker, a group of loudspeakers, or an entire campus from the control panel, or remotely from your computer using the Acoustic Network Manager Software.

Easy to reconfigure

Need to make changes? Reconfigure in minutes after renovations, furniture moves or personnel changes. That flexibility reduces lifecycle costs—while ensuring peak performance and occupant satisfaction at all times.

The LogiSon Acoustic Network… Smart engineering makes it a flexible solution for any space.

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