The LogiSon® Acoustic Network is secured using both physical and electronic methods.

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Security features

The Network Control Panel is small and can easily be located within a secure space. Cabling connections are made inside the enclosure. A key is required to open the door and access the keypad. A password is needed to change the settings. There are no physical controls on the hubs or loudspeakers.

The network upstream from the panel is open. However, 128-bit AES encryption ensures that commands are unreadable whether transmitted to the panel by wired or wireless connection, providing further protection from unauthorized access.

Downstream, the network is standard RS-485, which is typically used in building automation.

The panel also monitors system performance. If a Relay Output Module is installed, it can be connected to warning lights, sirens or a third party security system to immediately alert the administrator to any issues. The administrator can also elect to receive email notifications from the Acoustic Network Supervisor software.

Eavesdropping and surveillance prevention

The LogiSon Acoustic Network can be used to protect verbal communications from eavesdropping and electronic surveillance.

By connecting the system to transducers that transfer the masking sound to physical structures such as windows, doors, ducts, pipes and walls, audio surveillance equipment can be impeded. Each transducer’s volume and frequency can be modified to ensure that they are appropriate for the surface to which it is applied. The randomness of the masking sound makes it very difficult to filter, and the system’s components cannot be modified to act as listening devices.

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