The LogiSon® Acoustic Network is secured using both physical and electronic methods.

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Relay Output Module, ROM-2

Relay Output Module, ROM-2

The Relay Output Module connects the Network Control Panel to up to two external devices, such as warning lights, sirens and/or a security system.

How it works

The Network Control Panel monitors communication, power, loudspeakers and an input such as a Fail-Safe Power Solution. If an alarm is triggered at the panel, the contact closes, activating a third-party device connected to the Relay Output Module. This contact closure will still activate even if power to the LogiSon® Acoustic Network is lost.

The administrator can also elect to receive email notification from the Acoustic Network Supervisor software.


Product Sheet 

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Relay Output
Rated Load0.5 A at 125 VAC; 1 A at 24 VDC
Warranty5 years; see LogiSon® Product Warranty for details
CertificationsMeets UL, CE, ACMA (C-Tick) and FCC standards; RoHS compliant

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